Cairo – Egypt

Capitalising on the Potential of The Global Takaful Industry

The political changes in many of the countries in the MENA region portend a new and exciting platform for the growth of Islamic banking, finance and insurance. Reflecting these potential opportunities for Islamic Finance and Insurance in the MENA region we decided to host the Seventh International Takaful Summit in Cairo.

We are honoured to have the support and participation of the Minister H.E Dr El-Morsy Hegazy and the Ministry of Finance of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The Ministry, together with the Insurance Federation of Egypt have gone out of their way to help make this Summit possible.

The Seventh International Takaful Summit builds on the six successful events held in November 2007, July 2008, July 2009, July 2010, July 2011 and July 2012. We hope that the new venue and a different mix of participants would allow delegates to have a better idea of key areas of growth for the Takaful industry in the coming years.

The welcome to Islamic banking, finance and insurance in the MENA region is an opportunity which needs to be carefully nurtured by the global Islamic Finance industry. In this Seventh International Takaful Summit, we aim to chart out the kind of agenda that will enable aspiring providers in these emerging markets to access the best practices in the industry from around the world. The MENA region provides a premier location for developing Islamic Finance and Insurance opportunities incorporating the learning of the pioneers in the GCC countries and Malaysia.

We are also introducing a fresh discussion on microfinance and Microtakaful to reflect the requirements in the region. This, together with discussions on financial inclusion, are aimed at encouraging discussion on the often neglected parts of Takaful provision.

In the International Takaful Summits we endeavour to enable market participants from all over the world to capture the potential for Islamic Finance and Insurance in the world. At every Summit, we strive to offer robust thought leadership and the most informed platforms and opportunities for our participants to get maximum benefit from this interaction.

We welcome you to the Seventh International Takaful Summit and hope that you will become one of our many regular participants and supporters.

M Iqbal Asaria, CBE
International Takaful Summit 2013