London- United Kingdom

Mainstreaming and Globalising Takaful

The Fifth International Takaful Summit builds on the four successful events held in November 2007, July 2008, July 2009 and July 2010.  We are honoured to launch the inaugural Milliman Family Takaful Survey 2010 at this Summit. This survey, intended to be updated annually, fills a gap in the growing body of expert literature specifically addressing the Takaful market. Family Takaful provision is forecast to overtake general Takaful contributions in the next few years. Family Takaful provision is also more amenable to the underlying spirit of Takaful. As such specialist contributions to the sound development of Family Takaful provision are timely.

The City of London has prided itself in being the premier Islamic finance hub in Europe. The City is host to a vast range of expertise which can deliver Islamic finance structures and instruments to meet its customers’ requirements. To build upon this expertise and retain London’s premier status the UK government has been committed to creating a level playing field for Islamic finance and insurance in the country. This effort, which was pioneered by the Late Lord Edward George, has now borne fruit and there is a proactive facilitation in this direction. In addition, the crisis in conventional finance and insurance offers opportunities for building on the ethical features of Islamic Finance and Insurance and widen its appeal to the growing ethical and SRI market.

The United Kingdom provides a premier location for developing Islamic Finance and Insurance opportunities and engaging with the ethical and SRI communities outside the Muslim World. In the International Takaful Summit we endeavour to enable market participants from all over the world to capture the potential for Islamic Finance and Insurance in the UK, Europe and beyond. At every Summit, we strive to offer robust thought leadership and the most informed platforms and opportunities for our participants to get maximum benefit from this interaction.

We welcome you to the Fifth International Takaful Summit and hope that you will become one of our many regular participants and supporters.

Prof. M Iqbal Asaria, CBE
International Takaful Summit