Session IV

Launch of The Milliman Family and General Takaful Report

This report examines the growth of the global and family Takaful markets for 2012 to 2015. It provides an in-depth analysis of financial trends, market penetration rates, and the various opportunities and challenges that lie in store for Takaful leaders and the world.


Session IV: 11 July 2017
Presentation: Global Takaful Report 2017 - Market Trends in Family & General Takaful
Presented By:

- Lindsay Unwin, Senior Actuarial Consultant - London Life Practice, Milliman LLP

- Safder Jaffer, MD & Consulting Actuary - Middle East & Africa, Milliman

- Farzana Ismail, Head - Life Insurance & Family Takaful Consulting- MY, Milliman Advisors Sdn Bhd

Milliman is pleased to present the Global Takaful Report 2017.

There have been a number of industry reports on Takaful that analyse the performance of the Takaful industry globally, but most reports tend to provide a combined analysis of general and family Takaful. The drivers for general Takaful can be significantly different than those for family Takaful. It has been widely noted that such combined analysis may skew and distort results. As such, there is a demand in the market for an industry report which analyses family Takaful and general Takaful separately.

The Milliman Global Takaful Report meets this demand by providing an invaluable reference source for industry participants. As a follow - up to our previous reports,
this year we have extended our coverage to include both the family Takaful and general Takaful industries, with each industry being considered separately in our analysis as we explore and highlight the underlying trends within each sector.

This report summarizes the quantitative and qualitative analyses of both the family Takaful and general Takaful industries, not only in aggregate but also separately by key regions. It delivers insight into overall market trends, market penetration rates and current hot topics. In particular, we provide insight into financial trends as well as new regulatory updates within the key markets. There is also a special feature on the opportunities in the retirement savings space within the Takaful industry.

Milliman has experienced Takaful consultants in our Dubai, Malaysia and London offices. We are pleased to present ourselves to the Takaful industry as thought leaders and a reference point to meet some of the industry challenges required within both family and general Takaful.

This report will allow market participants to better understand the growth factors and global Takaful opportunities, and at the same time provide Takaful practitioners with insights into the underlying issues and challenges facing the industry.

We hope you find the report useful and illuminating.

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