Session X

Navigating Asset Management Challenges in Takaful Operations

Session Summary

With a challenging global economic environment, asset management challenges are becoming even more pronounced. Can Takaful be adversely impacted by the precipitate fall in investment returns? At the same time, calls for sustainable and responsible investments are increasing. Can these impacts be mitigated?

Session IX: 24 February 2016
Presentation: Ratings Perspective on Investment Challenges for Takaful Operators
Presented By: Mahesh Mistry
Designation: Director - Analytics, A.M. Best

Key Topics:

- Challenging investment environment
- Why do insurance companies fail?
- Key Rating Components
- Investment issues
- Investment composition: year-end 2014
- Capital requirements
- Strain on technical performance
- Earnings Dependent on Investment Income
- Operating performance
- Investment management
- Final remarks
- A.M. Best MENA ratings

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Session IX: 24 February 2016
Presentation: Ways to manage Takaful Assets to address Longevity Risks<
Presented By: Sheikh Faizal Manjoo
Designation: Head of Islamic Finance Department, MIHE

Ways to manage Takaful Assets to address Longevity Risks

Key Points:

- Problems of generating long term investment assets
- Demand Islamic Moral Economics
- Proposed Model for Longevity risk
- Emerging Islamic finance hubs with long term projects

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