Session XII

Emerging and Re-Emerging Markets

Session Summary

Markets like Iran and Pakistan appear ready for a fresh take-off. At the same time newer markets like Palestine and Bosnia Herzegovina are opening up. Can the Takaful industry afford to stay aloof from these markets?

Session IX: 24 February 2016
Presentation: Bosnia and Herzegovina New Trends and Investment Opportunities
Presented By: Velid Effendic, PhD
Designation: Assistant professor University of Sarajevo

Key Topics:

- Country background
- Why invest in Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Privatisation
- Attractive sectors
- Islamic finance in the country
- No Islamic Insurance

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Nameer Khan

Session IX: 24 February 2016
Presentation: Pakistan Takaful Market
Presented By: Nameer Khan
Designation: Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Pak-Qatar Takaful Group

Key points:

- Overview of Pakistan’s Inusrance Industry
- Developing Insurance industry in Pakistan
- Overview of takaful Growth by Region
- Reasons why Pakistan is ripe for takaful penetration
- Takaful in Pakistan
- Window takaful operations
- Consumer market challenges
- Steps takaful companies need to take
- About Pak-Qatar Takaful

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Session IX: 24 February 2016
Presentation: Takaful in Palestine Ongoing Success story
Presented By: Dr Nehad Khanfar
Designation: Lecturer, The Islamic College

Key points:

- Takaful towards a leading position
- Trust, Commitment and qualified staff is the way forward
- Good Management paves the road to success
- Products offered by Takaful

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Session IX: 24 February 2016
Presentation: Iran – A New El Dorado
Presented By: Shabbir Razvi
Designation: Managing Director, International Finance Solutions Associates

Key Points:

- Iran an Overview
- IMF Forecast
- Why Iran?
- Active foreign insurers in Iran
- Iran and the Islamic Finance Crown

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